Top 20 Field Service Solution Companies - 2016

The field service technologies are increasingly becoming a strategic contributor to revenue growth, customer satisfaction and competitive differentiation for enterprises. Components such as smartphones, field computers, laser range finders and bar code readers are helping companies to maximize the benefits from people, processes and tools in the field. They also help companies to have a better understanding of service costs while providing superior service.

To facilitate these benefits, it is necessary for the field service enterprises to connect equipments with technicians’ mobile devices and back office in real-time. Information captured from the field provides diagnostics and performance metrics that mitigate issues, as well as track patterns and trends for long-range planning. Further, with integrated features like GPS-tracking, supervisors can monitor activities performed by the field force, and effortlessly collect and maintain data about field sales representatives. This will help them make better, informed decisions and improve the productivity.

To help CIOs and CEOs select the best technologies in the field service arena, we present to you the “20 Most Promising Field Service Solution Providers 2016.” The companies featured in this issue exhibit extensive business knowledge, along with in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies in the field service arena. The listing provides a look into how the solutions work in the real world so that organizations can gain a better understanding of what technologies are available, and how they shape up against competition.

    Most Promising Field Service Companies

  • 1

    Provider of field service logistics and technical services as well as locker solutions

  • 2

    A provider of an end-to-end management of a service operations, which includes work orders, scheduling, dispatch, invoices, and task and asset management

  • 3

    Provider of field service software that manages mobile workforces, increasing the amount of work completed and customer service satisfaction

  • 4

    Provides Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems, which includes drawings development, field surveys, and condition assessments

  • 5

    Provider of business and technology services for organizations in the field service management ecosystem

  • 6

    Providing fully integrated construction management software and mobile apps that assist field workers to enhance their level of customer service

  • 7

    Provider of field service software solutions and services with a unique customer portal

  • 8

    Provider of field service software solution that help companies to manage contracts, scheduling, while providing solutions for social, portals, and analytics

  • 9

    Provider of a complete, mobile field service management platform

  • 10

    An enterprise IT and mobility solution company, which specializes on field service work force management, transport and logistics solutions, healthcare and hygiene solutions and asset management solutions

  • 11

    Provider of SaaS solutions that connect the maintenance and service network globally to manage asset and equipment maintenance, energy usage, mobile workforces, environmental sustainability, and compliance

  • 12



    Provides innovative and collaborative business solutions for field service, human capital management, and finance

  • 13



    Develops software that is used by service companies to schedule and dispatch field service employees

  • 14

    DecisionPoint Systems

    DecisionPoint Systems

    Designs, develops, deploys and maintains enterprise class mobile computing solutions that connect an organization's mobile workforce to one another as well as to their enterprise system

  • 15



    Delivers cloud based software designed for field service organizations, providing intelligence about their customer

  • 16

    FieldOne Systems

    FieldOne Systems

    Provides software and services to address the complex challenges that customers face in managing enterprise field service organizations

  • 17

    MSI Data

    MSI Data

    Develops software that enables companies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their field workforce

  • 18



    Producer and supplier of software products designed for field worker management and supervision

  • 19



    Provides mobile data collection and field rep management software for businesses with merchandising, field sales and store audit operation

  • 20



    Provider of cloud-based field service and fleet management solutions for companies With a mobile workforce