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Christopher James Camut, President, Director & CEO
Technology holds the capacity to redefine how work is done. Even in this digital era of cloud and mobility, businesses are challenged more than ever before to find new revenue streams, while adopting the right technology to move beyond the cycle of repetitive, time-consuming field service, asset maintenance, and mobile workforce management. To achieve truly effective scale with limited resources and time constraints, service companies need more than simple scheduling and work order creation tools.

Today’s businesses need to adopt field service automation that helps them manage their service, assets, and mobile workforce in a single platform. Gone are the days of implementing five different pieces of software to achieve visibility across the full spectrum of field operations. “Business process automation of simple to highly complex workflows is arguably the most impactful mechanism through which a company can achieve some of the highest levels of field service efficiency,” says Christopher James Camut, Director, President and CEO of Field Squared. “There is no logical reason to settle for anything less when there is automation software that grows with the company as the business needs to evolve.”

Field Squared is disrupting the field service software market with its field service automation platform. Within its platform, Field Squared enables complete digital transformation of field operations and workflows across a businesses’ field service management, enterprise asset management, and mobile workforce management needs. Including a fully offline capable mobile application for the field workforce, Field Squared provides real-time collaboration and messaging between the office and field, offers digital forms for field data capture, and automates workflows to drastically increase field efficiency.

“Field service management as we know it is dead. We know this because, with our software, we help companies automate workflows that go well beyond FSM to include their enterprise assets and mobile field workforce,” explains Camut. “We consistently hear service leaders looking for one solution to be the glue that connects their field service, assets, mobile workforce, and integrates back-office systems in a single platform. Field Squared is that glue.”

Field service management as we know it is dead. Field Squared’s field service automation platform goes beyond FSM to include assets and mobile workforce in a unified platform

Extensible, interoperable, and completely configurable to unique business requirements, Field Squared seamlessly integrates with a near-endless list of back-office systems, such as GIS, ERP, CRM, analytics tools, and more. Across these disparate systems, workflows in Field Squared automate an orchestration of activities. From the simple case of automatically updating ERP records to the infinitely more complex simultaneous multiple-system updates, as well as automated alerts, assigning recurring schedules, generating reports, and escalation of approval sign-offs.

The company recently announced their partnership with Esri, the leading GIS software provider. The zero-effort integration to Esri enables customers to leverage their existing GIS investment in Esri’s ArcGIS software to power asset management and maintenance, field service, and automation processes from within Field Squared, including redlining asset updates from the field.

“We understand that field service businesses maintain multiple systems of record, be it ERP, CRM or other tools the office or the field employs. The sheer cost to manually update each system is staggering. Field Squared can be the system of record or the connection between the systems that makes the updates, and that’s why it’s so powerful,” says Camut.

As Field Squared describes it, any repetitive task—especially those prone to error or redundancy—should be automated. The end goals are to realize efficiency gains and to eliminate data inaccuracy. To this end, Field Squared is investing in industry-first innovative solutions to help customers increase accuracy, efficiency, and revenue. Future enhancements include an augmented reality (AR) view of assets.

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Field Squared Unveils General Availability of Real-Time In-App Field Service Collaboration and Messaging

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo: Field Squared, Inc.™, the industry's first Field Service Automation Platform, announced general availability of innovative real-time in-app field service collaboration and messaging solutions within the Field Squared platform and mobile application.

Field Squared's real-time collaboration and messaging enhancements further enable organizations to better manage their field service, enterprise assets and mobile workforce from a single pane of glass.

At the click of a button embedded within the Field Squared platform and mobile application, operations managers and technicians will now be able to:

• Collaborate in individual and group conversations

• Engage with managers and peers through messaging

• Access work orders, assets, digital forms, and customer records from links sent within messages, including a historical record of conversations

• Enable push notifications if the Field Squared mobile app is not running in the foreground

"The nature of field service work, managing assets and a distributed mobile workforce, requires real-time solutions," said Mark Percy, VP of Technology at Field Squared. "Providing collaboration and messaging solutions embedded directly in-app is what makes this innovative enhancement exciting for our customers and one more reason why Field Squared is unique in the industry."

Adopted by Fortune 500 to 1000 customers the world-over, and deployed in a matter of days, Field Squared is disrupting the field service, enterprise asset and mobile workforce management software markets with a unified automation platform. Field Squared helps eliminate paperwork and provides out-of-the-box interoperability across disparate back-office systems without the need for custom development.

Field Squared

Highlands Ranch, CO

Christopher James Camut, President, Director & CEO

Field Squared is the industry’s first unified Field Service Automation Platform. Field Squared enables enterprises to digitally transform operations, from the office to the field

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