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Paul Whitelam, Vice President
The day-to-day scenarios in a typical business are more complicated than one can comprehend. As a day progresses, numerous challenges and emergencies start cropping up that can effectively jeopardize a company’s daily operational schedule. This is more pronounced in field service organizations that deploy hundreds of service technicians at multiple locations, and being such, high level of agility to tackle emergencies successfully becomes paramount. “To increase business efficiency and improve service levels, the ability to quickly respond to changing environments is more important than anything else. In addition, from the management’s perspective, the responses also must be strategic so as to optimize business requirements such as service expenses and customer satisfaction,” remarks Paul Whitelam, VP of Product Marketing, ClickSoftware. The Massachusetts-based firm offers a unique solution, Click Field Service Edge, which affords field service organizations the tactical abilities to respond to emergency situations with agility and take quick strategic decisions under every circumstance.

The novel platform provides organizations real-time visibility into their scattered workforce, undergoing operations, and the time needed to complete each operation. In case of emergencies, technicians can quickly feed appropriate information on the platform through their mobile devices, allowing firms to make swift decisions to tackle the challenges while also completing the scheduled tasks successfully. The solution utilizes cloud-based technologies and AI to run simulations that enable companies to make decisions and strategize according to their precise “business optimization goals”—reducing service costs and worker’s travel time, elevating customer satisfaction, and more. “It’s about providing businesses with the control to successfully fulfill their business requirements. Our solution enables clients to rapidly respond to emergencies and take strategic decisions at very granular levels, according to different times of the year and the service locations,” mentions Whitelam.
Click Field Service Edge embeds a lot of interesting features. The prime among them are customer engagement, capacity planning, and contract management. Through the customer engagement feature, ClickSoftware provides field service technicians complete customer-related information beforehand, which allows the workers to provide much better and accurate services. In addition, the end customer is provided with real-time status updates about a technician’s location, eliminating the need to contact the service provider repeatedly and thereby reducing the chances of missed appointments. On the other hand, capacity planning assists organizations in deploying the exact number of technicians according to customer demands; contract management allows firms to monitor operations efficiently when outsourced to external third-party contractors.

Being a robust application with proven track-record, it isn’t a surprise that the Click Field Service Edge platform has been at the core of mission-critical operations of numerous global organizations. For instance, Diebold, an enterprise specializing in tele-machine and financial technology services, improved its field service productivity by up to thirty percent after adopting ClickSoftware’s product. In addition, the solution also assisted Diebold in efficiently strategizing its service operations and fleet management; the cumulative travel distance by the company’s workers was reduced by 300,000 miles in a year, optimizing unnecessary travel and fuel costs.

The firm has been recognized as a market leader in the domain for six consecutive years by Gartner which speaks volumes about the firm’s progression since its inception. However, the company aims much bigger. ClickSoftware focuses extensively on strengthening its platform’s capabilities and scaling its applications in more verticals such as healthcare that can assist the company to geographically expand and gain market traction in regions like the APAC. In the process, the firm envisions to become a truly global organization.


Burlington, MA

Paul Whitelam, Vice President

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