Glympse: Involving Customer Engagement with Location-powered Experience

Christopher Ruff, President & CEO
It is imperative for businesses to keep their customers transparent regarding order processing, product delivery, and other order related information. But how accurate and reliable is the technology that keeps the customers well-informed is the tricky question. Moreover, it is one thing to have robust and reliable location services and a completely different ball game when it comes to making it easily accessible. Location-based services that are easy-to-use as well as reliable are quite rare to find today. With the advancements in technology, customers expect continuous insights without interruption, which could help them lead a more informed life. Especially when it is about a good service delivery experience, the access to location details proves the overall transparency an organization can provide, giving customers a feeling that they are a part of the entire journey.

However, Glympse, is an exception, providing location-based services that are lightning-fast and simple to use. Although there exist, several providers who offer location-based solutions, Glympse has successfully positioned itself in the industry due to its ability to deeply engage its customers through its state-of-the-art application that enables enterprises to streamline their high-friction field services and deliveries with a live map view.

The plethora of solutions that Glympse offers is one of the key differentiators of the company from the rest of the competition. The company gives the customers the ability to service technician appointments by providing them with visibility to status and details of the appointments. This keeps them thoroughly engaged right from the initial confirmation to real-time technician tracking and estimated time of arrival. Glympse also aids its customers with roadside assistance that aids stranded drivers on the road with a real-time view of arriving help that boosts their confidence. Another attractive solution is the company’s curbside and in-store pickup that allows customers to track their delivery with heightened precision.

The firm provides a comprehensive solution that notifies the customers with alerts from the beginning of the service till it is delivered and the after-delivery engagement involves the feedback loop for consumers to share their experience. This enables enhanced services for the future. The value that Glympse’s solution brings to its clientele is in “how the application fills the gaps in creating a seamless communication experience, from the early stage of appointment all the way through till completion,” asserts Christopher Ruff, President and CEO of Glympse.

With organizations realizing that consumer engagement improves customer relationships, Glympse comes across as one of the best options. A user, if unavailable, is given the ability to reschedule the delivery of the service, thus enabling businesses to have fewer missed appointments, making way to utilize the time to service another customer. With its ability to excel at digital engagement, Glympse’s client organizations have seen a drastic reduction in the overall call center activities, since the application answers the frequently asked question of “Where is my..?” eventually resulting in efficient appointment execution and accelerated revenue.

The value that Glympse’s solution brings to its clientele is in how the application fills the gaps in creating a seamless communication experience, from the early stage of appointment all the way through completion

Strategic partnerships with leading brands like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle among others, Glympse achieves in extending the value it provides to its clients. With Glympse’s solution deployment, integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce Field Service Lightning platforms has become easier and quicker than ever before.

One of the most critical deliverables that the Glympse platform brings to the table is its highly customizable feature; the solution is flexible throughout, right from the branding to the service level experience that an enterprise needs, enabling the organization to have a unique relationship with their customers and to gain the upper hand over the competitors. Its robust API proves the convenience the solution offers, thus enabling businesses to integrate into their existing field service application easily. Alongside these features, the company also provides back-office personnel with live map visibility, real-time data, and analytics to measure the overall operational performance.

With some of the world’s largest brands who trust in Glympse’s best-in-class location experience and has spread its wings across North America, the company is about to announce its customers from Europe. Having recently announced its partnership with Samsung to integrate the Glympse solution to smart TVs and smart refrigerators and integration of the application with different devices, its clients can engage with their consumers. This is one of the several areas that the company is currently targeting. Further, aiming at a voice integration of the “Glympse experience,” the organization has been working closely with key players in the voice systems marketplace including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Being One of the earliest providers of location sharing in the marketplace, Glympse, with its decade’s experience, broad knowledge, and deep expertise, continues to evolve its solution that is second to none in the industry.


Seattle, WA

Christopher Ruff, President & CEO

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