Motus: Accurate Mileage Reimbursement

Craig Powell, President & CEO
The Global Business Travel Association estimates that 1.3 million business trips occur every day in the U.S.–an estimated total of 488 million annually. Of those, many are relatively short distances, leading the overwhelming majority of business travelers today–48 percent according to the U.S. Travel Association–drive their personal vehicles for business trips, as opposed to other travel methods such as flying, traveling by train or renting a car. These business drivers are not truckers nor are they jet-setting travelers that can expense their trips based on receipts; they are drivers who drive non-specialty vehicles for work. And employers are encountering new challenges when it comes to accurately reimbursing them for the business use of their personally-owned vehicle. The problem is that the reimbursement process has remained surprisingly analog to date, relying largely on manual mileage logs and data entry. This has led to both intentional and accidental fraud, productivity losses with increased administrative work, and in some instances, even multi-million dollar lawsuits when employers fail to comply with stringent and complex labor regulations across various jurisdictions.

To alleviate these painpoints, Boston, MA-based Motus is bringing advanced technology into the mileage reimbursement space, enabling employers to reimburse their business drivers fairly and accurately, based on actual costs related to the business usage of their personal vehicles.

Organizations struggle to capture the actual costs of owning and operating a vehicle for individual drivers, which includes everything from insurance, license and registration fees, taxes and vehicle depreciation, as well as gas, oil, maintenance and tire wear. These costs vary from location to location and are also affected by individual factors such as a driver’s age, type of vehicle they operate and the number of miles they drive. Motus’ cloud-based, mobile enterprise platform makes mileage tracking more precise and streamlines expense reporting and processing, while ensuring compliance. “Our sophisticated business rules engine processes a tremendous amount of real-time data and considers more than 150 different variables, informing more than 300 settings, to calculate an individualized reimbursement rate, based on where a driver lives and the number of miles they drive,” says Motus’ President and CEO Craig Powell.

While businesses can accurately track expenditures and monitor efficiencies, employees gain accuracy and fairness

Motus helps employers automatically account for reimbursement complexities, such as adjusting reimbursement approaches to maintain compliance with laws across multiple jurisdictions. The platform leverages data captured from drivers to streamline other field related tasks like Time and Activity Reporting, Route Optimization and CRM entries. Motus can also be configured to monitor driver behavior and establish safety or incentive programs based on driving habits. “Motus creates a win-win situation for both businesses and employees alike. While businesses can accurately track expenditures and monitor efficiencies, employees gain accuracy and fairness,” says Powell.

Motus is easily integrated with other business-critical systems, such as CRM, HR and T&E solutions. “Our Service- Oriented Architecture is designed to make integrating with third party solutions a breeze,” says Powell.

Motus’ reimbursement solution makes it easier and more efficient for employers in industries such as Food and Beverage, Health Care and Retail to support their mobile workforces. “Enterprises can mitigate risk, drive significant cost savings, and empower their field employees by streamlining traditionally burdensome administrative tasks,” says Powell.

“This is an exciting time for Motus,” Powell says. “We have a lot of big things that we’ll be bringing to market as our team remains acutely focused on making work life better for mobile workers and their managers.”


Boston, MA

Craig Powell, President & CEO

Offers a mobile, cloud-based solution that automates mileage capture and calculates fair & accurate mileage reimbursements