Verisae: Optimizing Planning and Execution of Resources

Jerry Dolinsky CEO & President
The digital era is transforming field service organizations with advanced technologies and tools to revolutionize the way their businesses function. In addition to new and advanced capabilities, users today require solutions that can optimize planning and execution of work in order to deftly manage the widespread resources of an organization. Verisae, a provider of SaaS solutions to manage asset and equipment, maximizes the value of existing systems and identifies opportunities for improvements and automation in field service management. “Whether on-premise or in the cloud, Verisae’s solutions have the capabilities to efficiently respond to a utility provider’s demands within field service and workforce management,” explains Jerry Dolinsky, CEO and President, Verisae.

As a workforce management solution, Verisae’s vx Field enables organizations to create workforce structure and integrate real-time data into business processes. It deals with the complete lifecycle of workforce management, aligning it with operational goals, supports scheduling and dispatching of work to the field, and ensures field workforce remains on plan both on road and work site. Further, it monitors the productivity, work utilization, and behavior of employees to allow executives make informed decisions. In tandem with workforce management is streamlining work processes and reconciliation throughout the maintenance lifecycle. The company’s vx Maintain Offers features such as work order management, asset management, and compliance and contractor management and enables enterprises to strategically manage purchasing or retirement of assets for significant operational savings. Verisae’s vx Observe is designed to aggregate data in the central data warehouse to prioritize information. It provides alarm notification, advanced failure prediction, analysis, and corrective measures. Additionally, the company’s vx Connect, a cloud based integrated platform, uses a single database with a reporting tool to incorporate industry standard metrics. It operates in 29 languages in different time zones providing a higher uptime. vx Connect also accepts data for processing and usage from third parties.

Verisae’s solutions have the capabilities to efficiently respond to a utility provider’s demands within field service and workforce management

The firm’s solutions help companies to reduce equipment downtime and cater to their customer needs effectively. By providing real-time visibility into operations, Verisae empowers companies to execute the best plan for them and ensure service continuity at the lowest cost. The ability to provide solutions for “always-on” operations to customers has helped the company gain a strong foothold in the market. Verisae has endowed its feature rich solutions to a number of esteemed clients including Abott Laboratories, eBay inc, Alcatel Lucent and Motorola. For instance, Tesco PLC, an international grocery and general retailer of consumer goods, wanted to boost their operations and service them effectively irrespective of their locations. Verisae offered a hosted enterprise application to manage their maintenance and service automation lifecycle. Tesco’s work was automated and transferred to over 300 external service providers allowing a number of internal technicians to use the application from anywhere around the world. In addition, they leveraged the solution across various geographic locations leading to improved quality of data and faster and accurate reporting of reject work orders that were not processed.

The company will continue to boost the transition of enterprises from their traditional approach of managing assets to modern techniques that include everything from operating efficiency to the lifetime cost of the asset. Verisae aims to bring innovative capabilities and advanced service lifecycle management strategies to a number of field service organizations across the globe.


Minneapolis, MN

Jerry Dolinsky CEO & President

Provider of SaaS solutions that connect the maintenance and service network globally to manage asset and equipment maintenance, energy usage, mobile workforces, environmental sustainability, and compliance