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Marne Martin, CEO
Businesses in the field service arena have reached a prodigious transformation by leveraging an array of technology trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics and business intelligence tools, and mobile integration. For workers and employers alike, the mobile revolution epitomizes a sea change in productivity and the very nature of business. As telematics and workforce management solutions become more integrated with mobile devices in the field service arena, the opportunity to increase work rate and efficiency has grown rapidly. According to an IDC forecast, the U.S. mobile workforce population will grow from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million in 2020, accounting for nearly three quarters of the total U.S. workforce. “At a fundamental level, the two pain points a field service organization must address are propelling business success through customer satisfaction and having a clear visibility of work order management,” explains Marne Martin, CEO, ServicePower. A frontrunner in mobile workforce management and work order management, the Stock-port, UK based ServicePower works closely with clients to ensure true return on investment across multiple labor sources, with a single platform.

The company’s novel platform provides work order management, forecasting, optimized scheduling, and configurable mobile functionality across multiple devices to improve profits and curb scheduling costs. “For ServicePower, it is not just about addressing the process to ensure smooth flow of operations, but also about leaping to the next level of performance. We cater to large enterprises through the SMB market, all of which demand robust, secure, and scalable mobile workforce management technology,” Marne says.

Unleashing Productivity

Connecting all aspects of field service value chain by fostering innovation, ServicePower accelerates business efficiency gains, boosts customer satisfaction, and manages product development using an agile methodology. The company identifies stakeholders—both inside and outside of the business, prioritizes enhancements, and moves quickly to release by working in sprint cycles across the development teams. “ServicePower’s software provides a seamless end to end solution that addresses the mobile workforce management process, while also giving a competitive edge,” says Marne. Enabling the evolution of proactive service management, the firm’s patented and industry recognized optimization technology improves efficiency and productivity, maximizing field resources. “We are not only passionate about our powerful technology from the software side, but the software’s ability to drive the evolution of business processes and new revenue models,” Marne adds.

Fostering an integrated, cohesive mobile workforce management platform, the firm’s ServicePower Unity provides enterprises the capability to manage the complete service cycle
from work order management, route optimization, and business intelligence in a completely SaaS deployment.

Driving Real-Time Business Value

Competing in an industry where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are popular, ServicePower initially focused on an artificial intelligence algorithm driven optimization engine to schedule complex workforces. “We solve the fundamental field service challenges with algorithm based, backend technology,” Marne says. “We recognize that a key aspect related to increased productivity is our scheduling optimization product which maximizes the employed workforce,” she adds.

What powers ServicePower is a seamless end to end solution that addresses the mobile workforce management, while also giving a competitive edge

The firm’s patented optimization technology—ServiceSchedul ing— enhances efficiency, aligns work priorities, parts availability, and asset information, including data collection and real-time communications. By driving real-time business value and top-notch field schedule for business through intelligent appointments, ServiceScheduling’s sophisticated in-memory optimization algorithms drive workforce improvements and real ROI on the technology investment, with even mature clients achieving a 30 percent ROI based on a ServicePower optimized schedule versus an un-optimized schedule, before even looking at productivity enhancements from mobile or a mixed labor strategy.

An important aspect of field service involves focusing on parts utilization. “We also have the ability to simulate future operations and work with clients to gain a detailed analysis of their upcoming strategies. Ultimately, what we do as a technology provider is to make sure that the customers are satisfied with the level of cost effectiveness and productivity of their field force, whether employed or contracted,” Marne states.

Assuring Longevity, Expertise, and Quality

“With incremental functionality, new, modern user interfaces, and the ability to drive 3rd party contractor adoption of the tools with ServiceOperations and NEXUS FS™, we continuously drive the industry towards innovative solutions for mobile workforce management. We, at ServicePower have an exceptionally high customer retention rate, since we continue to be responsive to clients’ increasing need to escalate throughput,” says Marne. Providing cutting edge technology that has a high response speed, unlimited processing power, the latest in Quantum Annealing logic, and the abil-ity to handle complex customer challenges, 3rd party contractor dispatch and warranty management, ServicePower’s field service management platform is unrivaled.

As a case in point, a high tech customer implemented ServiceScheduling, experienced an increase in demand, even when reducing the number of dispatchers. ServicePower also worked with the client on expanding their labor model, which was earlier focused on specific regions.

The Key to Resilience

Being innovation-driven, ServicePower offers the best user experience, the most modern user interfaces and a very robust architecture. “Most firms start with a simplistic view of field service, but with the evolution of big data, one has to ensure that technology, connectivity, and smart technologies serve as the key to resilience,” Marne says. By focusing on getting the right labor to the right place at the right time, ServicePower is not only focused on further developing their key products, but also keen on consolidating their technology investments into one cohesive strategy. Forging ahead, the firm intends to bolster their customer base, especially with the ServicePower Unity platform. “Driving productivity, championing new solutions, and increasing investments will always be on the top of our list,” concludes the CEO.


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Marne Martin, CEO

Provider of a complete, mobile field service management platform

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