Jolt Consulting Group: Empowering Service Excellence

Jeffrey Oskin, Founder & CEO
The field service technology industry is undergoing a paradigm shift from a traditional on premise application model to a cloud preferred delivery model. Businesses are leveraging an array of advanced technologies like cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and enterprise mobility to provide visibility and control that organizations need to drive deeper customer engagement and improved operational efficiency. While more options for service and support continue to storm the field service arena, Jolt Consulting Group, a New York-based management and technology consulting company continues their leadership position in aiding service organizations make sense of it all. Jolt provides business and technology services for organizations in the field service management ecosystem, enabling service-based companies to better understand their customers, optimize processes, accelerate growth, and select and implement an array of field service technologies. “Jolt Consulting Group is the company that understands the business of service and cares about helping our customers differentiate their service business,” says Jeffrey Oskin, Founder & CEO, Jolt Consulting Group. “The crux of our value proposition is in bringing deep service experience borne from running global service organizations together with technology expertise derived from leading service technology providers to help organizations intelligently apply technology to achieve their business objectives.”

Service organizations are in the midst of a business model transition in terms of delivery, customer interaction and developing new lines of revenue. The industry is wrought with challenges such as labor and knowledge shortage, escalating customer demands and the migration from a reactive to proactive based service model. “Our services empower service organizations to make it easier for their customers to conduct business with them, thus deepening customer loyalty,” explains Oskin.

Founded over five years ago, Jolt Consulting Group’s expert knowledge and understanding especially in the field of business process re-engineering, and service software implementation is defining success for its esteemed clientele. Maintaining a focus in the service industry, the company offers business consulting, technology evaluation and implementation, and managed services.

Our services empower service organizations to make it easier for their customers to conduct business with them, thus deepening customer loyalty

In its endeavor to strategically grow their managed service offering, Jolt emphasizes on catering to mid-market IT firms with limited budgets that want to take full advantage of sophisticated infrastructures utilized by large enterprises. “The demand for our managed services has even surpassed our most aggressive expectations,” says Oskin.

With its customer-centric approach, Jolt has assisted several clients, including ORR Protection Systems, Gosiger, and Comfort Systems improve their customers' experience while also creating operational efficiencies. Through its 100+ consulting engagements, Jolts helped these clients and others by providing better insight into their service challenges, aiding in identifying and selecting appropriate technologies and ultimately implementing the technologies to realize their business goals.

In addition to consulting services, Jolt is also transforming the service landscape by providing innovative product solutions such as a Salesforce to QuickBooks integration product that seamlessly integrates data across those platforms. In addition, Jolt is providing analytics products by combining Tableau’s leading analytics software with their domain expertise to enable service organizations to gain greater visibility into service operations.

The company’s bench strength of an experienced team with the ability to efficiently deliver service solutions stands as its key differentiating factor. Moving ahead, “We continue to diversify our partner network and grow our offerings as we seek to remain the leading consulting organization in the service industry,” states Oskin.

Jolt Consulting Group

Saratoga Springs, NY

Jeffrey Oskin, Founder & CEO

Provider of business and technology services for organizations in the field service management ecosystem

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