Penta Technologies: Software to Optimize the Entire Field Services Operation

Technological advancements have bolstered the demand for new field service applications and software. Increasing customer satisfaction levels and loyalty have been imperative to many service contractors, who are under pressure to offer value-added services that set them apart. Customer retention and prevention of service disruptions are of utmost importance to many field service companies. “We understand field services,” says Karl Koenig President and CEO, Penta Technologies. “We empower teams that directly engage with customers by giving them real-time access to relevant customer information and powerful analytics to optimize their entire service operations.”

Based in Wisconsin, Penta Technologies offers ERP software that allows field service technicians to know their customers’ service history and equipment needs to complete the required tasks on the first visit—a key driver of customer retention and loyalty. Influenced by new trends like increased usage of mobile devices and growth of data analytics and content management tools, Penta Technologies delivers responsive and comprehensive solutions that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, using popular devices.

The company’s PENTA Mobile Field Service iPad app is ideal when complex equipment such as cranes, boilers or fire protection systems are serviced in the field. The app functions even in the absence of network connectivity and automatically synchronizesthe collected data when the connection re-establishes. Furthermore, the solution enables the technician to record data like real-time status updates from technician to dispatcher, work orders, equipment that needs to be serviced, products used from inventory, materials purchased and customer signatures.

Additionally, the software allows staff to monitor key performance indicators with a business analytics tool called Role-Based Workbenches. Each user’s workbench presents relevant information graphically via charts, gauges and data grids. With proactive alerts, it provides employees with an early warning system of potential issues.

Included with PENTA is PENTA Enterprise Content Management (ECM). It captures, manages, stores, preserves, & delivers content or information across the enterprise, eliminating paper and making it easier for more people to access the information they need. PENTA Service Management, along with PENTA mobile apps, offers customers a flexible platform to serve an entire field service operation, including back-office staff and mobile field users.
The solution is fully integrated with PENTA ERP to form a scalable and secure platform to address the complex needs of large field service companies. PENTA can be deployed in the cloud or on site.

Since its inception, Penta Technologies has proven itself as an industry leader by helping customers optimize their business processes based on best practices specific to their industry. “It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of satisfying customers,” adds Koenig. “We believe in learning from our customers to unravel new methodologies to solve their problems and introduce new products.”

In one instance, Waldinger Corporation, a leading HVAC, plumbing, sheet metal, electrical and service contractor approached Penta Technologies to deploy the PENTA Mobile Field Service iPad app. Their team found the app easy to learn and use, so adoption was quick. It made their technicians more efficient by automatically capturing inventory usage, labor, and meter readings, thus eliminating duplication of efforts. As a result, Waldinger saw a boost in their productivity, customer service, and increased sales volume.

Penta delivers responsive and comprehensive solutions that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, using popular devices

Penta Technologies continues to introduce improvements and innovations. Examples include work package management, crew management and reporting, and the procurement to pay process. “Going forward, we will continue to add functionality that will create opportunities for technicians to proactively up-sell services, ensure optimal performance of their customers’ equipment, and to generally grow their businesses. We like to say ‘Our success is based on your success,’ and we take that responsibility seriously,” concludes Koenig.

Penta Technologies

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Karl Koenig, President & CEO

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