Field Squared: The Ideal Choice for Enhancing Visibility into Field Service Data

CIO VendorJason Doherty, Founder & CEO
Automating work order and asset management processes has always been a critical issue impacting the worldwide field services domain. The Field Squared team has a long history and depth of expertise in field services, which positioned them to create a mobile platform that simplifies the task with capabilities for tracking real-time work orders and crew locations, deploying work orders in the field, and enabling customizable work order and asset management workflows quickly and easily. Field Squared is a Colorado-based company with a field service mobility application platform that caters to the specific needs of firms in multiple industries including Utilities, Oil and Gas, Cable and Telco and other industries that rely on field services. Field Squared has developed a platform for creating customizable mobile apps for automating field processes and managing assets. They have a unique focus on converting complex paper or Excel based processes of their clients into digital smart forms accessed on mobile apps, thereby eliminating the need to manage paperwork. The apps are specifically designed for managing complicated field data capture while the platform integrates easily into any backend system of the client. The cloud-based mobile apps operate on all mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows).

“Any field services process in a business can be turned to an app within a few days using Field Squared. These apps empower our client’s back-office staff to get real-time visibility into their field operations,” states Jason Doherty, Founder and CEO of Field Squared. “We are able to provide rapid field management solutions by incorporating the processes used by our clients rather than merely deploying pre-packaged solutions.”

“What impresses our clients is Field Squared’s capability to custom configure our platform to match their needs,” continues Doherty. “Our platform includes completely configurable custom data capture, work order management, asset management and data collection, location tracking, GPS integration, photo markup, barcode scanning and custom workflows. We also support intelligent scheduling and routing of field crews and two-way integration with legacy back-office systems.”
A success story from Field Squared is with respect to a field services company that implements intelligent building control systems. There were several complex tasks and their process involved multi day over night jobs scheduled throughout the country. A key element of their problem was matching qualified teams to job tasks. Another concern was the need to tackle the enormous amount of paperwork involved for the field services team. The client utilized Salesforce for managing work orders.

What impresses our clients is Field Squared's capability to provide rapid field management solutions

“Prior to using the Field Squared apps, the client used Excel to assign work orders to the field teams to complete inspection jobs. Following the inspection, a 25-page paper document was typically filled out in the field and then later entered into Salesforce. Photographs were manually uploaded into Dropbox or SharePoint. Field Squared was able to rapidly convert the paper documents into Smart Forms, enabling the client’s field services team to complete the inspection digitally, including integrating the marked-up photos, in a single seamless process that automatically fed the data into their backend system,” informs Doherty.

“While employing our core technology for developing Smart Documents for our customers, we have also combined an asset management platform with a work order management platform. Our drag and drop App Builder allows clients to quickly create mobile apps for field data collection and mobile workforce management with no coding required," says Doherty. “In the near future, the firm will release a fully drag and drop experience for building integrations the existing back-office systems of our customers.”

Field Squared

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Jason Doherty, Founder & CEO

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