CartoPac International: Incorporating Tablet-based Solutions to Enhance Field Operations

CIO VendorCarl Lee, Chairman and CEO
The current field services landscape is proliferated with mobile devices, field computers, laser range finders, and bar code readers. There is a large opportunity to harness the power of these mobile devices into a cohesive enterprise data system. However, the challenge lies in developing and implementing systems that manage mobile devices to provide users with the information and applications they need in a reliable and secure environment. To assist CIOs in integrating mobile appliances into the enterprise infrastructure with applications that improve the efficiency of their company, CartoPac, a Colorado-based company, is adept at deploying applications on tablets— ensuring that users are well-connected with their team members. In addition to the high productivity field data collection, CartoPac Mobile also provides routing directions for users and location services.

CartoPac constantly listens to its users for staying abreast of technology developments in mobile and enterprise technology. “With the advent of mobile devices, the number of field users have also drastically increased,” states Carl Lee, Chairman and CEO, CartoPac. The company developed Workflow Manager to manage data that flows in and out of the enterprise from the field in an efficient and timely manner. “Field data is often lost and delayed in getting into the enterprise systems which further delays actions and analytics,” says Lee. CartoPac’s Workflow Manager delivers organizations with structured and organized processes that result in better decision making, improved productivity and lowered costs. Workflow Manager has been successfully implemented in oil production, electric transmission, and pipelines.

CartoPac’s platform is largely “out of the box” which further adds benefits of time to deployment, return on investment, and long term sustainability. For instance, CartoPac Studio is a one kind of a tool that enables CartoPac to seamlessly connect with enterprise databases like SQL and Oracle, and systems such as ArcGIS. Data is packaged and deployed to mobile devices as a subset of these databases. Also, CartoPac Studio enables the configuration of business rules to drive field applications.
The company thrives on providing user-friendly solutions supporting field operations. CartoPac’s mobile applications are built to support workflow dynamically in the field and the back-end business operations. Furthermore, CartoPac has made huge investments in systems that make field data actionable and valuable. The company recently delivered technologies to provide field users with specific data gathering workflows, imagery, spatial specific maps, and photos. Also, CartoPac integrates with enterprise GIS systems to reflect the collected data and provides drill down capabilities on specific data points. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the field user experience and to make field data actionable and strategic,” says Lee.

Tallgrass Energy, one of CartoPac’s reputed clients was looking to upgrade their “single use” devices for its field inspections. Tallgrass implemented CartoPac solutions in the field on tablet devices. Subsequently, Tallgrass’ field users achieved a 50 to 75 percent improvement in time to enter data. Furthermore, on utilizing the tablet solution, Tallgrass’ office workers improved efficiency by 90 percent by eliminating data backlogs. The client now accomplishes primary field tasks and office tasks from a single device.

Workflow Manager delivers organizations with structured and organized processes that result in better decision making, improved productivity and lowered costs

Moving forward, CartoPac envisages focusing on advancing its technology with respect to enterprise applications in order to create effective data resources along with actionable and timely analytics implementations. “Taking field data on asset structures and turning the data into an asset management plan is our next step. We will also continue to lead in business rule driven field applications,” concludes Lee.

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Carl Lee, Chairman and CEO

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