10 Most Promising Field Service Consulting Companies - 2019

Industries such as manufacturing, assembly line production, mining and many more, often produce flagship products which take the spotlight for the company. Though the technological sophistication of these products seems promising, a lot of work goes on in the back end, which plays vital role in achieving the desired end-product. Maintenance, repair, and up gradations, all constitute to the field services department within a production line, responsible for the overall serviceability of a company’s portfolio. When most utility service providers are considered, the value proposition directly relates to the customer service of the service provider rather than the product itself. When a consumer opts for a broadband connection, he or she is likely to consider how the service is deployed over the actual service on its own. Installing the necessary hardware, setting up the required connection lines, the configuration of modems and routers, and the timely maintenance of equipment all these help the consumers in decision making. Similarly, field services accounts for a majority of operations and services that ultimately make or break the product or service portfolio a company has to offer. It serves as the critical enabler of customer engagement to rightly cater to the unique requirements and necessities of the industry. CIO Review’s current edition features “10 Most Promising Field Service Consulting Companies - 2019.” The list presents to you the most prominent organizations in the field service landscape, capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them extensively. Guidance from these eminent solution providers will help companies to ramp up their operations for greater success.

Top Field Service Companies

Provides automated field service functionalities and a customer engagement platform for optimum productivity

Provides an exceptional customer experience, while delivering significant operational efficiencies


Delivers end-to-end solutions that address all facets of service lifecycle management, including the challenges and unique business needs in your specific industry


It works with people to create a transparent plan of action and create a platform for repeatable, reliable success in field services management

Level 10

Provides installation and deployment services for retail point of sale and telecommunication systems with the ability to roll out large amounts of equipment quickly and efficiently


It enables durable goods companies to optimize key post-sale customer interaction events such as product registration, warranty, service plans, parts, support, field service, and maintenance to improve customer satisfaction and retention

RTM Consulting

Provides strategic and operational advisory services to technology companies and other industries to assist them in increasing revenues and growing margins by leveraging consulting, professional and support services more effectively

Schneider Electric

Provides integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software

Service Strategies

It provides training, consulting, certification and industry standards programs that ensure delivery of consistent, high-quality service and support


Enable customers to transform service from reactive break-fix model to predictive service that minimizes unplanned downtime