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Patrick McKittrick, CEO
Jared Green, founder, and board member of PestRoutes established the company in 2014 with the vision to offer pest control companies a complete operations solution based on a SaaS model. Many firms in the pest extermination domain were not satisfied with the legacy technology used to run their systems—a fact that Green became acutely aware of during his extensive experience working with organizations in this realm. The team of developers at PestRoutes conducted extensive research on the challenges that pest control companies were facing before developing the product Green had envisioned. The idea was to find a method of intertwining the traditional processes with a modern, end-to-end service platform that was specifically designed for the pest control industry.

Many software providers in the industry had the old school mentality of developing programs that had to be installed on client servers. “The first challenge was to deliver a SaaS solution to customers, and all the goodness that it brought such as no hosting costs, consistent uptime, and always being on the latest feature set a platform has to offer,” explains Patrick McKittrick, CEO of PestRoutes. The firm’s offering enables clients to go paperless, in an industry where many companies still utilize paper as a means of communication with clients. This process ate into man-hours and increased revenue retrieval times. PestRoutes solved the issue by taking the entire process of customer acquisition, service delivery, and billing and payment, online.

Service delivery plays a crucial role in the pest control industry. Technicians in the field need to stay up-to-date about locations that require attention. PestRoutes’ solution offers businesses superior routing options, which enables them to save time, fuel, and allows them to service more customers each day. In order to make this possible and for the technicians to work remotely, PestRoutes empowers them with a robust and easy-to-use application that can be accessed directly from their mobile devices.
In addition to effective field use, PestRoutes also optimizes back-office operations by providing real-time insight across all aspects of a company’s operations. This allows for cost-effective customer acquisition to fuel growth as well as streamlined interactions with those customers, including an online customer portal with payment options reducing accounts receivable time and balances, to ensure profitability. Outside of the core PestRoutes functionality, there are multiple third-party solutions that can operate directly through PestRoutes’ platform. “We have built a robust API framework that allows a variety of partner companies to integrate with our system directly, enabling our clients to interact with their software from a single platform,” comments McKittrick.

We have built a robust API framework that allows a variety of partner companies to integrate with our system directly

Over the last six years, PestRoutes has evolved into a complete pest control business management solution provider and has achieved tremendous success through sheer determination and hard work. It has actively implemented customer feedback to upgrade and streamline its offering for the market. “In a short timeframe, PestRoutes has gained over 1,000 customers and has seen significant revenue growth. We have grown efficiently every year since the company has been in business,” says McKittrick. Historically, PestRoutes has largely focused on pest control companies that deal mainly with residential customers. Heading into the future, itis adding significant functionality to extend its reach into the upper end of the market where pest control companies service both residential and commercial customers. The firm has developed a set of functionalities to extend the platform to these organizations.

PestRoutes News

PestRoutes collaborates with Dow AgroSciences to integrate functionality for the Sentricon® System

Mckinney, Texas - PestRoutes, a leading provider of software for pest control companies, announced a collaboration with Dow AgroSciences to integrate Sentricon® web services. This collaboration will open the door for pest control companies who work with Sentricon® to utilize PestRoutes' simple, mobile, and paperless solution to manage every aspect of their business. These companies will now be able to use their PestRoutes software to manage and track the installation, service, inspection and renewal of sites protected by Sentricon®.

"We are very excited to be offering this solution to our clients," said Jared Green, founder and CEO of PestRoutes. "We are committed to pushing the boundaries on how software can help people grow their business, be more profitable, and spend more time with their families. Dow AgroSciences has a reputation for providing state of the art solutions for pest control companies and we feel this collaboration aligns well with our shared values and goals."


McKinney, TX

Patrick McKittrick, CEO

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