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Andrei Moffat, Global VP
Over the last few years, field services have witnessed some unprecedented changes. The increasing customer demands for on-time services with optimum technical skills have continually fueled the need for cutting-edge developments in field services. Enunciating the same, Andrei Moffat, Global VP, Professional Services at Fleet Complete mentions that data collection, analytics, and Machine Learning are imperative for modern field services. They enable companies to predict downtime events and plan business strategies accordingly to optimize their businesses. As the need of real-time service is gaining traction among enterprises, Fleet Complete brings forth a holistic approach to aid companies in addressing all facets of field operations.

Companies can leverage out of the box applications with minimal training to foster growth faster than ever before. Resource management tools like Task Tracker bring forth exemplary results for companies from the day of deployment. And with the growth of the business, Fleet Complete’s integrated platform enables companies to seamlessly migrate to its enterprise-level solution.

The Field Complete suite of products extends the field service capabilities into contract, warranty and installed base management, maintenance control programs, optimization of schedules and routes, contract and extras billing, payroll approval, and business intelligence analytics. The suite also contains vertical-specific modules for industries such as courier, logistics and security. “We are a global company, so we have Field Complete solutions for different geographies and languages as well,” adds Moffat.

The firm’s Professional Services group can integrate Field Complete with the ERP, HR and Payroll systems that field service solutions often require. This group also provides consulting, implementation, support, training, data analytics, core product modifications, and custom development for web, client, and mobile.

“Field Service solutions can no longer be reacting; they must provide proactive capabilities. Instead of sending a technician to fix something when a customer calls, the failure should be predicted and resolved before anyone knows about it,” Moffat explains.

CONNVEX extends the capability of a firm beyond telematics and takes them into the IoT realm

In 2018, the firm launched a cloud-based platform called CONNVEX that brings connectivity to a new level, allowing companies to build new products and business models on top of their regular software platforms. CONNVEX combines 20 years of industry knowledge, adding a more granular purview of sensor-to-machine connectivity and creating the most advanced prognostics and diagnostics modules. CONNVEX extends the capabilities of Field Complete into the IoT realm. “Connecting everything and everywhere will help create better business models for our customers. We can apply logic created by their data scientists to perform actions, or we can provide services to analyze the data to find trends and recommend the proactive logic they are looking for.”

Moffat cites several examples to give a comprehensive picture of the firm’s abilities to handle the wide field service spectrum across many different industries. “As a technology company, we understand the immense value technology and innovation can bring to our customers.” In one instance, Thyssenkrupp Elevator—Canada’s largest elevator company deployed the full Field Complete suite to improve maintenance compliance and satisfy the provincial authorities that promote and enforce public safety for elevating devices.

In another case, Ontario-based Dynacare worked with Fleet Complete to handle the pick-up and delivery of irreplaceable, time-sensitive and highly confidential specimens for their laboratories. The Wildlife Division of the Department of Natural Resources of Ohio utilized the solution to regulate fishing in the Great Lakes. MPAC, the largest assessment jurisdiction in North America, chose Fleet Complete to provide a solution for the determination of property values.

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Andrei Moffat, Global VP and Tony Lourakis, Founder & CEO

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