Patrol-IT: Field Services Reinvented through Smartphones and Cloud

Yary Mordkovich, COO
Today, most companies managing field workers realize that the evolving technology can save on management expenses as well as enhance the services they provide to their clients. However, implementation of multiple solutions in reality is a tedious and expensive task that many companies are unable to afford. Headquartered in New Jersey, Patrol-IT offers a versatile solution to handle most of the management activities of field workers. “We are providing industry best-practice solutions in field worker supervision, along with great flexibility, allowing organizations to implement the unique practices to maintain competitive edge over their competitors in the field services sector,” says Yary Mordkovich, COO, Patrol-IT.

Patrol-IT is an international producer and supplier of software products that include mobile components, running on a wide range of smartphone and tablet operating systems as well as cloud-based server components. Their flagship product, Patrol-IT system provides a wide range of applications, including supervision for guards, cleaning and maintenance personnel, transportation, pick up and delivery, employee time attendance, and more. The system is simple to operate by users and server operators, while employing high quality ergonomics and an easy-to-use user interface. The system uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for report tracking by reading the tag located on the reported checkpoint.

Moreover, “the supervision of guards is fully automated through the smartphone, all incidents are immediately processed providing the guard accurate instructions and informing the relevant people,” outlines Eugene Ochakovsky, CTO, Patrol-IT. The guard tour software allows complete control over guards, locations, checkpoints, routes, patrol scheduling, and periodical shift timetable management. “Similarly, one can track the entire process from pick up to delivery with a tracking inventory and scan the barcodes as the driver logs in using the app. The company can track and view the developments in real-time through the graphical dashboard.”
Patrol-IT Active Dashboard is a dynamic graphical view of the field updated in real-time. Highly configurable and customizable, the Active Dashboard enables managers to receive all information they need from the field in one place. Patrol-IT is aiming to automate processes traditionally performed by managers responsible for the field workers. This lowers management expenses and provides quick and always available response to the field workers, as well as performs comprehensive analysis of the progress in real-time to react to unexpected situations and improve the provided services.

Patrol-IT is being used in various field service-related industries, such as property management, landscaping, pest control, HVAC, pickup and delivery, facility services and transportation.

For instance, one of the many clients reaping the benefits of Patrol-IT is Accu Reference Medical Lab, who utilizes Patrol-IT to track specimens collected from patients throughout 16 states; quickly and safely delivering the specimens to the laboratory. Global Positioning System, Near Field Communication, and barcode scanning are used to identify locations and track specimens. A big screen TV in the lab with Active Dashboard shows when the next deliveries are going to arrive and how many specimens were collected to prepare the personnel and the equipment.

The company differentiates itself from their competitors by offering a modular solution, providing a great level of flexibility and combining multiple industries and applications typically presented by different vendors. “Patrol-IT is constantly expanding into new industries, replacing old solutions with more advanced and significantly cheaper ones. For the road ahead, we want to concentrate on supplying the best solutions to improve organizations’ growth and also constantly develop our solutions,” concludes Mordkovich.

Patrol-IT is constantly expanding into new industries, replacing old solutions with more advanced ones


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Yary Mordkovich, COO

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