Elica, a New Customer Journey for Consumers
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Elica, a New Customer Journey for Consumers

Throughout the last few years, international companies have had to face numerous challenges, including the difficulty of maintaining continuous customer service, as well as remaining close to clients during the worldwide pandemic. These two factors, together with many others, have led companies all over the world to greatly revise and modify rules and internal processes.

Caring about its clients and “serving” them with dedication is one of Elica’scorporate cornerstone values. The company, today world leader in the production of kitchen hoods and extractor hobs, uses the word “love”, which is unusual in business, to reciprocate the trust and attention received by all those who buy its products,which represent much more than a mere purchase.

“It is for this very reason that our new multichannel Customer Experience model allows our clients to contact us through any type of device or channel of communication. In order to effectively involve our clients, we haveintegrated an automated self-service solution,a Virtual Assistant, that can answer questions immediately and resolve their most frequently asked requests. The customer is our ‘focus’, as there are no longer distinctions between online and in-store clients, therefore artificial intelligence represents an essential tool in offering fluid and increasingly personalized service experiences,” says MarcoTrullo, Consumer Service Director of Elica.


The line of smart hoods has been designed to offer
never-before-seen technical solutions and features capable of making life



Today’s market demon strates how important customer assistance is; for this reason, developing and offering dedicated services has become a priority, a crucial factor for building customer loyalty and maximizing company performance.

The new Elica Customer Journey is omni-channel based, offering the possibility of contacting manufacturing company experts via various touch points: telephone, dedicated chat,WhatsAppand e-mail. In this context, making use of the latest digital tools becomes essential to guarantee fluid services that always live up to consumer expectations, goalsw hich the company hopes to achieve in the near future. Furthermore, the service offered by Elica has been thought up to meet any market need, so much so that the available channels are active in all main European countries. In addition to Virtual Assistant, available H/24 in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German (soon also in Polish and Russian), the company also provides a multi-lingual Call Center, which is already active for clients based in Italy, Spain, and Germany (starting next year the service will also be available in Russia, Switzerland and Belgium).

As a result of its continuous customer care, Elica also offers Ask the Expert, a direct line between the company and tradefield experts.A consultant is ready to provide tips and answer all technical questions on Elica branded products,before the sale is made. Elica’s expertise is at full disposal for any doubt on installation, maintenance or available accessories. This service is active in Italy and Spain, and will soon be available in France, Belgium and Germany.

For anyone who chooses a product from the connectline, it is also possible to contact assistance with just a simple click, by using the Elica Connect App. The line of smart hoods has been designed to offer never-before-seen technical solutions and features capable of making life easier. Open Suite, stands out amongst the products of the connect line:a modular and customizable structure, which through AlexaVoice Assistant or the Elica Connect App, allows the customer to switch the appliance onoff, set extraction speed and adjust lighting brightness.

The difficult period we have been going through in the past couple of years, has pushed Elica to start providing customer assistance and consultancy services during the buying process, as well as increasing customer awareness on how easy protecting personal wellness and health in the home can be: thanks to the brand new IkonaMaxxiPure, the first kitchen hood that combines an air purifier equipped with a COMBO PURE FILTER, a special combination of HEPA and charcoal filters that capture particles up to 1 micron.

Elica, has been operating in the market since the 70’s,and can boast extensive expertise in the reference sector resulting from: great attention towards design, refined materials and state-of – the-art technologies that guarantee maximum efficiency and reduced consumption, thus distinguishing the Group in the market.The company is continuously revolutionizing the traditional kitchen hood, which is no longer a simple accessory but a one-of-a-kind object of design, capable of improving our quality of life.

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